John Lennon - Beautiful Boy

John Lennon - "Beautiful Boy"

Several years ago, I saw Los Lobos do a cover of John Lennon's Beautiful Boy on a Christmas edition of a sit-com. Typical of Los Lobos, it was a tangentially thoughtful performance, but I've never been able to find that version since.


While it wasn't originally conceived with this season in mind, I think it touches on the hopefulness that parents have for their children, protecting them, knowing they will intentionally or inadvertently make their mark on history -- very similarly to what Mary and Joseph must have felt.


2016 has been a stellar year for some and a lost cause for many, but this holiday with all its weird traditions like blinking lights on fake trees and oversized socks in front of fireplaces, serves to remind us that there is hope available. Seek and you will find.


In the words of Ty Tabor, "And the world keeps spinning 'round, a vicious cycle turning. Some of them know love, and some of us know the burning down."


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